The Golden Rule: To Living A High Energy Life ( 60 seconds read )

I was asked today in a Meeting with a client while we had a coffee break—“ how do You maintain such a high energy level” and he wasn’t talking about the energy in which I keep up with life, but the energy I add to everything around me. The enthusiasm.

I couldn’t tell you I didn’t know what he was asking because I try to live my life as conscious as I possibly can.

—As clear and participative to the decisions I make. Because no one wants to go through life floating, to one day wake up and say, —“how the heck did I get here?”

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The WORTH: Of Hard Work! ( 60 Seconds Read )

I was so overdone by the end of —today.

I had been working for what felt like three days straight with little sleep, two kids, morning breakfast Preps, homework, housework, my work :), …my business; and if I did manage to sleep, my mind still kept thinking of all the things I needed to do.

So I listened and did them. My creative clock kept ticking so I listened and because of it, this month has been one of the most fulfilling with new Clients from Bangkok to Montreal, helping Business leaders better position themselves to attract greater opportunities.

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A daily dose of inspiration: (Mindset Reboot)

Some days are rough. Days when nothing goes right and you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. You know those days when you just want to go to bed and live under your covers for the rest of the day. But even on those days, you’re doing great.

Those hard days are filled with lessons that make you better and stronger and wiser. Instead of looking at everything that’s going wrong look for those bright moments to see the good in a bad situation. When we focus on the good we discover that sometimes what went wrong is really leading us in the right direction and revealing a new path to reach our goal. Embrace each day no matter what it throws at you and see the good in everything and remember tomorrow is a new day.

Enough putting your life on hold! (Start living your dreams now)

That idea that’s been stirring in your heart, it’s time to begin working on it. Don’t let all those questions that are filling your head distract you, just start. Why? Because you’ve sat on this brilliant idea for far too long.

You’ve been telling yourself that things need to be perfect and they really don’t. That’s just fear trying to get you to run back to your comfort zone so ignore that feeling. You can do this. Take it one step at a time. Everything you need to make this idea happen it’s already within you so begin. Feel that fear and press forward.

Don’t try to solve every problem or focus on every single detail, the answers will come to you just start working on what you can right now and when you need help it will come. When you need inspiration, you will find it.

Everything you need to make this lovely idea a reality will find its way to you but first, you have to begin.

THIS IS: (Motherhood)

To all the mothers out there who need a break

I recently read a post by a mom who inspired me dearly. She was literally in tears and her raw emotions cut a core at me. She touched on a subject that many of us turn a blank chapter to and instead filter a life of perfection. #motherhood is no easy business and for many women out there it can be excruciating to turn their minds off, find their ‘own’ identity after having kids or identify what’s next. Sometimes what worked before just isn’t right anymore.


A woman’s body goes through so much before, during and after childbirth, even years down the road, our emotions can become perplexed. For me personally, I threw myself into multiple projects when in fact I was mentally and physically exhausted and talking about it with my partner although god bless him, he’s a good listener still didn’t do the trick.

What did help, was confiding with my stepmom —for me, she was my sounding board and talking about sensitive topics like mood swings, depression or even nutrition didn’t make me feel so alone, or guilty for not having it all figured out. I realized she understood more than I thought.

Women helping women, to listen, exchange in real intentional dialogues, crusts away at this perception that we need to always smile, never cry or are somehow bad parents for needing a moment – that’s a very traditional mindset and you know what it needs to change. To stop, to be revoked.

So, if for any reason you feel overwhelmed, need to talk or in need of a tea break, have it! Call up a friend, plan the date with your partner you’ve needed, don’t wait, schedule something. Hire a mommy hour sitter. Do what is necessary to take care of yourself so that you can mentally and physically take charge of your life. Don’t wait for affirmation or some lifestyle guru to list 7 healthy habits. Curate your own. Take Charge of the moments and your life.

As always, share your own experiences in the comments below.