Best Indian Food spot : (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

After a day full of at-home-fun with my kids, at about 5 o’clock in the late afternoon laying in bed with the two little ones I decided it would be nice for us to have a ‘’mommy date night.’’ I hadn’t booked any reservations and since my mood was so impromptu we all got dressed and decided to stroll down the street of our Playacar neighbourhood to a lovely little Indian restaurant I had passed dozens of times during the day with much curiosity.

It wasn’t without some curiosity that got me to venture at the unsuspecting little Indian restaurant on the corner of Playacar.

So, off we went into the easygoing sunset hours of the cool evening sky in beautiful Playa del Carmen. A place I now call home and proudly so. As we approached the little restaurant with a few white chairs nesting seats outside over Indian style umbrellas, I decided to head on inside the doors with a Ganesh deity before the name ‘’Curry Omm’’ the name of the restaurant.  I browsed through the menu and with a look of satisfaction turned to my four and six-year-old – ‘so how about’ it?’ ‘Can we eat here, mommy really wants to try the food and there’s good food for us all here.’ As I waited for their approval, my tough little critics they smiled broadly and nodded, ‘yes mommy.’ So we were set. A beautiful tall lady greeted us with a brilliant smile as we sat down. We sat indoors within the air-conditioned space as the tunes from Bollywood hits played very discreetly in the background. It’s not a big space by any means and I was lucky we were able to have a table considering we strolled on in without a reservation but I suppose that’s the perk of dining out early. Most of Playa del Carmen dinner crowd increases well after the sunset when the city speaks a most beautiful culture that is very contrasting to that of the day.

 I went on to place our orders and picked out a little bit of everything that caught my eye. We started with an order of Papadums -thin Indian crispy cracker or flatbread paired with a delightful yoghurt and herb garnish and a set of the best ever lamb samosas. For my children, this was a first and a thorough favourite of the evening.

We sipped on freshly made mango lassies – great for cooling the tongue over spicy meals and I enjoyed a delightful masala chai in between our family fun. Everything was freshly made at an enjoyable dining rhythm that left you completely satisfied.

Our second phase arrived in fragrant Biryani, traditional curried chicken and a side of chapati – Indian whole wheat bread with a cracked centre over which melted butter is drizzled.


The food was marvellous. The manager of the restaurant came several times to ensure we were comfortable and was most polite. We felt at home in their service. The ambience was simple and not over-done. It was really all about the food and how it made you appreciate it afterwards. This was evident. At the end of our meal, we ordered desserts of vanilla ice creams and sweet Gulab jamun – this is a traditional Indian dessert of spongy milky ball-rounded texture soaked in rose scented syrup.

And so, after our taste buds completely spoiled like children on Christmas morning I requested the check which was if converted to US$ just about $55. The evening ended on a delightfully sweet note. Every moment spent in this unsuspecting little restaurant with the dark glassed exteriors open to dinners only was well worth the visit. Will I be having seconds? Yes, most definitely. It’s my pick for most authentic (Indian) across-borders food experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Breakfast at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Mayakoba is often sighted as the ‘luxury Riviera Maya’ and rightfully so – this diverse destination of pristine waters and ecological formation is not only sanctuary to over 200 species of bird-life but the residence of ultra-luxe Rosewood, Banyan Tree, and Fairmont resorts. Residents seeking tranquility, cultural infusion with a heightened journey of wellbeing are in luck. The resorts of Mayakoba are not uncommon to A-listers, business tycoons, and wellness seekers.

So, with this passionate obsession of mine to learn more of Mayakoba and its triumphal intertwining of geography, conservation, and resorts, a visit would now be in order. I was provided a tour of the estate by none other than Mayakoba’s Magazine editor Liza Orozco with whom I could now satisfy this intense curiosity to dive into the way of life in paradise.

The day began over breakfast at the Banyan Tree’s Oriente restaurant with a specialty in Mexican and International cooking. I have always held the belief that food regardless of the day should be celebrated and it is nothing short of a celebration when done at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Orient’s restaurant. The food array was creative, sumptuous and with a sophisticated flare. Rich flavours teased the taste buds and vibrant culinary colours in a fluidity of presentation invited appetites to fresh tropical fruit, hot plates, and healthy greens.

The people were much a part of the experience as the food itself. The staff were beyond polite and not for a moment made me want for a thing. It was a tailored experience that felt effortless.

The decor held strong Asian influence known for the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, warm contrasting accents, architecture that harmonized earth elements of natural light and accentuated the lush surrounding greenery. It was a very elegant atmosphere but felt simplified and tasteful in every little way that could apply to the modern luxury seeker or a grander experience. A true Banyan Tree experience from decor, food, and people.

After a quick hello from General Manager -Peter Hechler I would now begin the tour along the waterways of Mayakoba’s prime developments onboard a designated luxury boat of white interiors, wood paneling, and a scallop canopy roof.

Sustainability Meets Luxury

It wasn’t long after departing the Banyan Tree main docking point did I feel almost like Alice in Wonderland. The waterways of winding canals shone of pristine crystal clear water in an almost aqua-green florescence visible to the bottom. The waterway connected the flow of brilliant architectural designs of resorts, luxury golf courses, mangrove reserves and species of birds that settled along towering limestone structures and tree branches – as if to pose for your perfect picture.

I couldn’t imagine a moment more incredible for the luxury seeking traveler and environmentally conservative than in Mayakoba. It was evident and in so many ways Mayakoba proves that luxury and sustainability can and do coexist.

Before I knew it, we docked at ‘Sense’ a Rosewood Spa, for a quick visit. It exuded sections for deep awareness embodying century old rituals native to the Mexican culture of harmonizing the senses. My favourite walk-along was through the garden of fresh herbs, a genuine simple pleasure. It is here the selection of plant is guided by one’s own connection and sense of it. A beginning ritual of wellness enlightenment I found most fascinating.

We retreated onboard to continue the journey with a glimpse of the Fairmont in sight. The connection of each resort remote in its own and spell-bounding by its design and unique offering. Enjoying a boat ride along the river to your own sanctuary or experiencing other resorts’ culinary affair is welcomed when you’re a Mayakoba guest. A delightful curated combination of inimitable luxury, conservation and living life well.

The Spa at the Banyan Tree

At just about half-past eleven, an hour and a half into the river tour we were back at the main docking area of the Banyan Tree resort with the ever-enchanting ‘Banyan Tree in all of its splendor,’ center of the resort. I would now enter a world of ‘spa’ with a scheduled Rainforest Hydrothermal journey at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Spa, winner of several prestigious awards most recent to its collection – Best Luxury Destination Spa (America).

The Rainforest Hydrothermal journey is curated to combine the best of European spa, hydrotherapy healing, and Asian discipline.

From the inception to delivery my body entered a holistic and revitalizing journey through eight hydrothermal experiences that commenced with a cascading rain walk, then into detoxifying steam cabins followed by hot and cold shower pulses of powerful masses, mists, music therapy and use of colours combined with body icing and a mild floral-infused exfoliation. Every ritual complementing the other into the perfect symmetry of my body’s awakening. My particular favourite being the Vitality Pool offering various jets of alternating pressure points where I lay utterly undisturbed. I finished my rainforest journey anew, awakened and at peace.

Special thanks: Until my next visit, I would like to thank Mr. Carl Emberson and Ms. Liza Orozco for their hospitality making this a wonderful first experience of Mayakoba and all of its perfection.


Writers notes:

I will definitely be reuniting my taste buds with the many divine dining options, next on my food travel list is the Banyan Tree Mayakoba ‘HAAB’ culinary affair – it is said to be a dining ritual in the deep jungle of mythical and luxurious proportions combining the elements of water, earth, wind, and fire, in delivering a gastronomical affair that infuses the culinary customs of ancient Mayan times.