Luxurious Beach Escapes 2018: (TOP Five)

An Escape doesn’t truly serve its purpose if you’re taken from one overpopulated destination to another overpopulated destination. Picking a great beach vacation has always been a thing where the destination and the beach itself need to have exclusivity.


I’ve always found it, a fine line understanding the difference between picking a beach destination that offers exclusivity over inclusivity. Understanding the two can ensure you get exactly what you’re hoping for. Growing up in the Caribbean myself I’ve hopped my fair share of beaches throughout the West Indies before moving onto the scattered islands of the Indian Ocean and Oceanic regions.

One can grow accustomed to the idyllic lifestyle of a sunny beach destination that offers an uncluttered and very tranquil piece of paradise without neon distractions and overcrowded umbrellas. The simple enjoyment of peaking a subtle glow when sipping on a perfectly prepared cocktail overlooking some of the world’s best beach reefs with nothing to see but endless pristine water and a stunning sunset. That sort of freedom might put a special glow on just about anyone needing to escape. Particularly if you’re living in cold country Canada.


So, this brings me to a curated selection of five beach destinations, tried and loved with what I’ve come to note as my TOP 5 LUXURIOUS BEACH ESCAPES 2018.

Making this list, are beach destinations that are beautiful by nature, idyllic, pristine water visibility, the softness of sand and without a doubt exclusivity of location.

# 5 Sabah, Malaysia

Sabah is a Malaysian state occupying the northern part of the island of Borneo. It’s famed for its 4,095m-tall Mount Kinabalu, the country’s highest peak, crowned with distinctive granite spires. Sabah is particularly known for its beaches, rainforest, coral reefs and abundant wildlife, much of it within parks and reserves. Offshore, the Sipadan and Mabul islands are noted diving destinations. It’s uncomplicated lifestyle and ecological composition make it excellent for the tranquillity seeker that can handle a bit of adventure without a crowd.

# 4 Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia

Ora Beach, carefully hidden away on the North Coast of Seram Island. An exotic and extremely remote destination, Ora beach is perfect for Eco-travellers and honeymooners alike. A row of cosy, wooden cottages line the sandy, white beaches, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, and with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical greenery.

# 3 Seychelles, Anse Georgette

The astounding natural beauty of this little bay will truly take your breath away. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s easy to see why Anse Georgette ends up as many people’s favourite Seychelles memory. Anse Georgette is hidden away in the grounds of Constance Lemuria Hotel. The hotel does allow a limited number of outsiders to access daily but you must call ahead to do so. Alternatively, you can take a hike from Mont Plaisir down to the beach. Its lack of coral or rocky formation leaves nothing but soft beach sand giving the water its most stunning colour.

#2 Mujdin Harbour, Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands


The islands of the Turks and Caicos have built a reputation of attracting the super elite with its abundance of uninterrupted beach experiences hailed with the worlds best beaches and chic lifestyle. However, captivating my heart hidden is a beach along Mujdin Harbour within Middle Caicos. It takes a bit of planning to get there from the main island of Providenciales but not overly complicated. The waves can get pretty surfer ready but when visited at the right time of day offers a timeless beach experience filled with grand boulders and hidden caves holding rich history and photo points for a photographers dream day.

#1 Maldives

Making my #1 and holding a special place in my heart is the Maldives after calling it home for two years is – a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. This destination is branded with the ultra-luxe in mind, unspoken exclusivity, beautiful beachscapes, blue lagoons and extensive reefs. It is the epitome of exclusivity, crystal clear waters, stunning coral reefs and some of the world’s best dive experiences.


Celebrate Dinner at (Parrot Cay Resort)

If you love food and the celebration it should have with then you must read this post but practice caution as you may get hungry.

After a long day of running around with my kids, compiling notes, photography and mixing essential oils happy hour came at last.











I know sounds like I had a brutal day 🙂 I started the night off with a glass of my favourite Chardonnay, a bit of talk with friends then off to the Terrace restaurant amidst a garden of towering trees – stretching across each branch a string of romantic light bulbs. The night sky was perfectly clear and shone brightly with a blanket of stars.

Dinner is a meal of pleasure, in my opinion, arriving at the end of a day and should be celebrated every time whether alone or with friends. Celebrated for all that you have done, accomplished and learned – so why shouldn’t it be seen as a celebration?

Tonights’ dining depicted a chic and flowing ambience paired with the savouring and delightful Antipasto Bar to start. Fused with herbaceous artichokes, charcuterie favourites, gratinated cannelloni, and assorted Italian cheese were just a few of my delights.


From the Kitchen as my entree – a succulent Lobster a la Catalana ‘poached lobster with Crudités and garlic mayonnaise. The arrangement was tasteful and was indeed as good as it looks.

Desserts were heavenly. Decadent and artful. Fruiting and inviting. Too bad I was so ruined after my main I hardly had much room for sampling thereafter. But two slices of black forest cake were the cherry on top of my evening. So there, you have it. A celebrated dinner, not for an occasion but for the love of living life with an appreciation for every day.


Decorated desserts to celebrate your inner happy place.Vibrant colours. Simple and delectable. I hope you enjoyed this review of a wonderful dinner experience at Parrot Cay and remember have food as pleasure for living life well. Special thanks to the top-notch team that served us and made the evening extra special. And of course the talented Renowned,  Stefano – Executive Chef and a team of artists.


This is a little overdue but when I have been made to feel like family at any luxury hotel I like to share it. My family and I recently stayed at the Gansevoort Hotel overviewing the famous Grace Bay beach of soft white powdery sand amidst the natural turquoise Atlantic ocean that bodied us.


Amazing Sunset Views – My personal favourite was retreating before our balcony doors to the grand ocean viewing that left you breathless with the most amazing sea view you can really get lost in. It was just about sunset and the most magnificent sunset I had ever seen since setting foot in the Turks and Caicos Islands.



Celebratory Bubbly – The horizon from the balcony was anything but modest with a grand family style dining set up and an outdoor Jacuzzi was the perfect way to pop open the champagne and soak into the horizon of sea mist. And that we did.

Like anything else, I couldn’t have enjoyed my weekend away if the people and food weren’t up to par. From the inception of arrival, we were greeted by the Front Office Manager who took us right to our room, left us her personal contact and assured we were meticulously taken care of. I felt like someone famous and to think this was typical of them. Food was wonderful. My favourite meal at any time is breakfast and I was happy to have enjoyed the full-service buffet of fresh fruits in generous cuts, vibrant colours and tropical varieties. An omelette station, signature coffee, fresh juices and healthy options were the perfect way to start another day.

Our trip may have been too short indeed but we had a wonderfully rested and at the same ‘fun’ time. My kids still refer to the chicness of the Penthouse as the ‘White House.’ We all loved our urban experience at the Gansevoort and will surely be extending our love of travel to other Gansevoort properties being newly observing fans.

Parrot Cay: (A hidden treasure in the Turks and Caicos Islands)

At the end of a beautiful Canadian summer in 2014, my partner, our two kids and I made the wonderful decision to move onto one of the most idyllic and beautiful islands within the Caribbean -the Turks and Caicos Islands a British territory that is made up of larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands holding a resident population of approximately 31,500.



It is comfortably located within close proximity to Miami and daily direct flights through American Airlines, making for excellent weekend shopping sprees and in general wearing off ‘island fever.’

We moved here during the hot TCI summer month of September and quickly became attached to the warm turquoise sea and beaches stretching of white powdery sand. However, our move wasn’t without its benefits -as we moved on the notion of an exciting business opportunity with one the finest private island resorts. And so, the exclusive private island resort of Parrot Cay would now become our home and playground for our kids initial years.

After years of deliberating from exciting adventures through South America, Asia and the cold caps of North America I was pleased to be moving somewhere not only warm but pleasurable.

Parrot Cay resort has been named time over as one of the most exclusive private islands within the Caribbean region and is quite popular with A-lister celebrities boasting an award winning wellness retreat – the COMO Shambhala Retreat.

The resort itself is approximately 1000acres and generously spread out with intimate garden-ocean view suites, oceanfront beach houses and private estates owned by top business moguls and celebrities alike with prices for ownership starting in the ten million rang up.

The vastness of the island makes it especially charming to have your own designated ‘my’ space without the slightest cluster-phobic presence. Letting go and being free are the essentials of being here and adjacent to a sunken cocktail bar lies a tranquil infinity pool that overlooks the limitlessness of the turquoise ocean that stretches beyond the soft white sand.

The food is anything but ordinary and can only be described as a divine culinary experience that brings your palate alive with exquisite flavors paired with the finest selection of familiar and rare wines. I am particularly fond of the fact when dining in either of the two restaurant options – I am always surprised with a fresh new selection to devour. Being the seafood addict I am, it is nice to know the fish is fresh and of the best, I have had in the Turks and Caicos Islands if I may say so myself.

Staying at the Parrot Cay resort doesn’t come without a hefty tag as prices start from around $US1000 all the way up to $US36,000 a night. Private Estate owners and when available to the guests who would love to spend a week or more will have at their fingertips a Private Chef to bring the magic closer and Private Butler to cater your every need.


However, while sun, sea, and sand are all nice my heart is with the wellness that breaths at the doorstep of the COMO Shambhala Retreat sitting before two large stony boulders and torches that come alive in fiery flare by night. The COMO Shambhala Retreat is, in my opinion, one of those rare and uplifting experiences you must absolutely give to yourself. The treatments are infused by temperatures, rhythmic movements and healing elements that centers your body, mind, and spirituality. Personal favorites of mine are the Signature COMO Shambhala Massage, a must do, and seeing I embrace botanical aromatherapy treatments over more synthetic solutions the Sundari Supplying Facial was just the skin loving treatment for me.

I am still pretty new to this incredible resort and when I’m not spending my days with my four and three years old roaming through the running pathway – a heavy forested haven tucked away that leads you to the island’s Coconut and Banana plantations, or having afternoon tea through the large cathedral doors of the library or photographing a sunrise you can rest assured I’m doing something that nourishes and puts me at ease on the beautiful island of Parrot Cay.

W Retreat & Spa Maldives: (Is Très Très Chic’)

Being whisked away in the dawn of the morning by Maldivian Air Taxi overlooking the majesty of the great Atolls is one that will widen your eyes and pave a peaceful smile on your face. A promising luxury experience awaited my arrival at the W Retreat and Spa Maldives but not before a young woman part of the W Hotel team requested to take my photo for their guest book. The seaplane ride is about thirty minutes over the spectacular Indian Ocean and resorts views.


Arriving at the W pier to greet my arrival was the Director of Operations, General Manager and Welcome Manager carrying a fragrant chilled towel and refreshing welcome beverage. Needless to say, the welcome was warm and wonderful.

I was taken to my secluded piece of tropical luxury in a Bi-Level Beach Oasis featuring a starry by night plunge pool, a gorgeous lazy swing to take in the breathtaking views on the upper suite and dipping my feet into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean footsteps from my villa. The decor was uplifting by signature W beats, luxurious-chic pushing the boundaries of the chic design. As a pleasant surprise the photograph taken earlier was beautifully placed in a frame along with my bedside table and immediately I felt at home but more exquisitely. Thank you, W!


When it comes to living life ‘well’ no one does it more in style than W Hotels. The W Retreat and Spa Maldives is an exceptional addition to a well-known lifestyle hotel brand with a très très chic approach on a playful side. The music is sexy, the staff is vibrant and energetic. The atmosphere itself is upbeat yet playfully relaxing.

Dining & Lounge

The resort runs three main vibrant concept dining options – Kitchen, an all-day dining with Bistro setting of eclectic cuisine, Fire, a casual foot-in-the-sand under the stars with palate-pleasing barbecues and Fish, a tasteful over-water style seafood experience. Two chill-out lounge bars – Wet, a swim-up pool bar and SIP a sexy cocktail heaven of signature cocktails and chill out beats. The hot scene comes alive by night with the trendy ’15Below’ nightclub – exactly 15 steps underground.



The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean surround the island boasting some of the best dive spots of any resort and to my delight was right within footsteps of my private beachfront villa. Depths of beautiful reef fishes seemed to create a tranquil whirlpool surrounding me as I drifted afar.


My senses came alive at the AWAY spa offering treatments that revitalize, rejuvenate and relax. I felt utterly carefree and at peace enjoying a massage after a full day in the sun. The location is pure bliss and crafted to put one’s troubles far at away.

This is definitely a property of choice and one I visited many times simply because I love it. It’s a great place to go with friends and in romance.

Congratulations to the W Retreat & Spa Maldives for an exception journey.