Don’t discount yourself: Up your offer (60 seconds read)

Have you recently started a new project? Have you moved beyond the one-off freelance to actual business projects where you get paid through your official channels? Now you’re excited and you don’t want to lose your clients so you think maybe I’ll keep my prices extra low or give in to ever mouth twist or raise of an eyebrow. Right? Wrong!

You’re not alone. There are so many talented entrepreneurs who have worked so hard for their big break and when they finally get it they start to think of drastic ways of keeping their newly found clients’ byways that actually do more harm than good.

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A daily dose of inspiration: (Mindset Reboot)

Some days are rough. Days when nothing goes right and you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. You know those days when you just want to go to bed and live under your covers for the rest of the day. But even on those days, you’re doing great.

Those hard days are filled with lessons that make you better and stronger and wiser. Instead of looking at everything that’s going wrong look for those bright moments to see the good in a bad situation. When we focus on the good we discover that sometimes what went wrong is really leading us in the right direction and revealing a new path to reach our goal. Embrace each day no matter what it throws at you and see the good in everything and remember tomorrow is a new day.

Enough putting your life on hold! (Start living your dreams now)

That idea that’s been stirring in your heart, it’s time to begin working on it. Don’t let all those questions that are filling your head distract you, just start. Why? Because you’ve sat on this brilliant idea for far too long.

You’ve been telling yourself that things need to be perfect and they really don’t. That’s just fear trying to get you to run back to your comfort zone so ignore that feeling. You can do this. Take it one step at a time. Everything you need to make this idea happen it’s already within you so begin. Feel that fear and press forward.

Don’t try to solve every problem or focus on every single detail, the answers will come to you just start working on what you can right now and when you need help it will come. When you need inspiration, you will find it.

Everything you need to make this lovely idea a reality will find its way to you but first, you have to begin.

In following your dreams: (Doubt is a killer)

I recently read a post by one of my favourite business writers on “doubt.” Coincidentally, it was something that I kept thinking of a few days before and particularly how dangerous this creeper of thoughts can be to the success of any project let alone even getting it off the ground.

This is my daughter Maya
It helps to surround yourself with the people that make you feel the strongest and worth fighting harder for.

Self-doubt, in my opinion, is singularly the most dangerous moment a person can experience. In the beginning, your idea sparks a bust of creatively, clarity and excitement through and through where it looks like gold, a definite must do, attainable. You get so pumped-up then after you’ve slept on it, by the middle of the afternoon the next day you’re thinking … hmm, I don’t know how the hell I am going to pull this off.

All of a sudden you’ve started to doubt yourself, the idea of owning the business of your dreams or applying for the job that’s a level up feels too risky, too far-fetched and perhaps bigger than what you can commit to right now. This is all doubt. It’s a killer and it happened to me. More times than I’d like to admit but you know what, you’ve got to remind yourself, as fast as doubt creeps into your space you’ve got to flush it out with a strong dose of reality:-

Businesses take work. Anything worth the big $$$ takes work. Great ideas take a creative process they must go through to mature and yes they’ll be ups and downs. Nothing is ever straight shooting – it’s business. It takes finessing, research, testing, collaboration and commitment. What’s even more important is that, if it means enough to you, it shouldn’t feel as easy to give up.

Once the idea of starting your own venture sinks in, it can feel overwhelming at first. You may even find yourself dealing with things you hadn’t thought of in the beginning but with the right mindset, you can bring yourself to put doubt behind you and start thinking like the entrepreneur you are meant to be, with more confidence, consciousness, and control of the situation at hand.

Stay grounded in who you are. Remember to do the things you enjoy whenever you feel stuck.

Strong business leaders face their challenges head-on, there will always be a decision to be made, what is important, is seeing that — you’re the decision maker and you have to develop the competency to own it by the way you look at the process as a whole.

Understanding that with risks comes the potential for the unknown, but it’s a situation with the prospect for a solution.

More than often, going back to the whiteboard will be necessary to get a broader or new perspective once things are put into motion. For me, it’s writing. I write all my ideas and processes out. A lot of the time my husband turns to me and wonder how in heaven I can draft a business plan on my iPhone. But that’s just it, it’s important to collect your thoughts, put them together so you can revisit them as needed.

The bottom line is this: once you’ve had that light bulb moment and realized you are going to do this, that it is feasible – you’ve got to commit to it. Doubt is the only thing that is unreal since you wouldn’t have given yourself enough time to grow to a firm evaluation.

We all have the power to look at an unforeseen situation as an opportunity in how a product is offered, in a sales pitch, speaking at your next conference or even to empower a team. Businesses are largely built by the opportunities they are presented, along with the attitude and reaction we pay to it.