Our Responsibility to the Oceans

It is absolutely frightening the degree of pollution in our oceans and it’s not going anywhere if more people don’t get involved, get educated on the subject and realize just how much the health of our oceans will impact the future of not just a select few, …but of us all.

Shocking Caribbean photos reveal a “sea of plastic and Styrofoam”


I’ve found while there are steps that can be taken a lot more focus is communicated from a federal level and not enough into provincial and into municipal conversations. The topic of our oceans is largely seen as ‘the thing’ someone else needs to clean up. But who is the someone else? The conversation of its impact and what people can do in terms of waste reduction, recycling, manufactures responsibility, proven alternatives, down to the way we shop our grocery — needs to become household topics and not only a Netflix documentary. Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of just how scary this is because I assure you, seeing it up close in the waste is much more horrific. 

So please, speak up, speak out and ask more questions. It is a part of our lives that we cannot ignore if our children are to have a decent quality of life.

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Feeling Stuck?

Feeling a bit stuck? Ask yourself what can you do to make someone’s day better.

Instead of focusing on yourself and your problems, look towards your nearest and dearest. Little things you do for the people that matter in your life can really add up and make a big difference. Try it – listen to what they say and act on it.

Now, what can you do to make someone’s day better?

Comment below. I’d love to have your thoughts.


A growing trend on Instagram and why you need to recognise it when building your brand.

Today I came across sponsored content on Instagram like I had many times before, but this one really struck a nerve that I just had to share with you.

Scrolling through the feed – it showcased a very clean, neatly curated selection of photos which highlighted“ a before and after snap of an Instagram PAGE with the caption  ‘you can be the same’…. while I am all for projecting something that’s appealing and focused I found this idea of the “clean and neat” Instagram profile to be taken out of context and this is coming from a woman that believes, you need not sell people your chaos.

As an e-marketing strategist and a woman that has build businesses from India to Mexico, one of my biggest observations is that it is very important to not get confused or extra caught up in the ‘template’ of your Instagram page without also being very vigilant to the intent and purpose of what you are doing on that page. This needs to work together not apart.

Because you can do just about anything, and there are hundreds of platforms out there to assist the process of ‘nicing it up’ i.e.  creating a really gorgeous page – but few that will fill the gap of helping you develop the eye and mindset for associating your brand, passion, and voice in a more marketable way with that template.

As matter of fact, some of the most successful Instagramers I’ve explored were true to “their” identity – they offered a story we connected with and look forward to seeing. It was not forgettable; the content and photography were thought-provoking and real, it was art expressing even if it wasn’t about art. It offered something intangible and connected with us more to our personality and/ or inspired us in some way. We saw them and stayed with them for their individuality and appreciated the layout after.
The contrast of the advertising I‘ve seen more prevalent now in guiding Instagrammers who want to improve their platform presence —is a sort of one-size fits all. Everyones telling you the same thing, so I suppose if everyone’s saying the same thing then it’s gotta be true. – Not necessarily, because for one, and depending on the nature of your business you do not want to come off like the next person in that vertical because after a while, you start seeing the same green leaves, white spaces and quotes sprinkled into every Instagram profile but with little reason behind it.  Next reality – It is possible to get lost in white space.

It begs the question to ask ‘what happened to the originality and individuality’ – that’s the part I would love most to see from many marketers who try to offer this type of ideology to potential clients.

Yes, clean up, put things in order but under no circumstances should connecting your objective with your key audience be lost to something generic. Remember, it is your brand you are building and if you cannot identify with it if your uniqueness gets lost in what everyone else looks like – you’ll be just another nice page to look at, but not great.


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The bottom line is if you lose yourself you also lose the opportunity to tell your truth, what you’re about and what you’re offering – your brand identity suffers and this right here is a crucial part I have found as a gap with many social media curators of building brands. So recognizing this is important to not fall into the same trap when conversions don’t add up to your efforts.


Comment below & Share your experience with me, I’d love to hear them…