(Our Responsibility to the Oceans)

It is absolutely frightening the degree of pollution in our oceans and it’s not going anywhere if more people don’t get involved, get educated on the subject and realize just how much the health of our oceans will impact the future of not just a select few, …but of us all.

Shocking Caribbean photos reveal a “sea of plastic and Styrofoam”


I’ve found while there are steps that can be taken a lot more focus is communicated from a federal level and not enough into provincial and into municipal conversations. The topic of our oceans is largely seen as ‘the thing’ someone else needs to clean up. But who is the someone else? The conversation of its impact and what people can do in terms of waste reduction, recycling, manufactures responsibility, proven alternatives, down to the way we shop our grocery — needs to become household topics and not only a Netflix documentary. Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of just how scary this is because I assure you, seeing it up close in the waste is much more horrific. 

So please, speak up, speak out and ask more questions. It is a part of our lives that we cannot ignore if our children are to have a decent quality of life.

#worldeconomicforum #impactonouroceans #oceanspollution #jointheconversation Environment and Climate Change Canada

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