THIS IS: (Motherhood)

To all the mothers out there who need a break

I recently read a post by a mom who inspired me dearly. She was literally in tears and her raw emotions cut a core at me. She touched on a subject that many of us turn a blank chapter to and instead filter a life of perfection. #motherhood is no easy business and for many women out there it can be excruciating to turn their minds off, find their ‘own’ identity after having kids or identify what’s next. Sometimes what worked before just isn’t right anymore.


A woman’s body goes through so much before, during and after childbirth, even years down the road, our emotions can become perplexed. For me personally, I threw myself into multiple projects when in fact I was mentally and physically exhausted and talking about it with my partner although god bless him, he’s a good listener still didn’t do the trick.

What did help, was confiding with my stepmom —for me, she was my sounding board and talking about sensitive topics like mood swings, depression or even nutrition didn’t make me feel so alone, or guilty for not having it all figured out. I realized she understood more than I thought.

Women helping women, to listen, exchange in real intentional dialogues, crusts away at this perception that we need to always smile, never cry or are somehow bad parents for needing a moment – that’s a very traditional mindset and you know what it needs to change. To stop, to be revoked.

So, if for any reason you feel overwhelmed, need to talk or in need of a tea break, have it! Call up a friend, plan the date with your partner you’ve needed, don’t wait, schedule something. Hire a mommy hour sitter. Do what is necessary to take care of yourself so that you can mentally and physically take charge of your life. Don’t wait for affirmation or some lifestyle guru to list 7 healthy habits. Curate your own. Take Charge of the moments and your life.

As always, share your own experiences in the comments below.

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