Our Earth Moment (All it takes, is your choice)

I felt absolutely compelled to share this piece with my readers. It’s not a familiar business piece, a lux travel review from one of my many destinations, but it’s about my son and an act where he re-educated me. He re-educated me on a fundamental human principle that can get lost in the chaos of adulthood. But a reminder that we all have a choice in life, a purpose and a responsibility to the place we call home. Not just the home that encloses us day in and day out, but of the home that provides us with our very survival – planet Earth.

So allow me to share this moment with you: –

As we walked along our neighbourhood street after school Tristan, my son, out-of-the-blue bent over and grabbed a McDonald’s bag that drifted along the sidewalk. Before I could say anything he went on “- who threw this here, I’ll just put it in a bin, got to keep planet Earth nice.”  – and he did find someone’s bin to drop it in as we walked on.


It goes to show, while one single act of caring about the world we live in doesn’t do much, it doesn’t stop us to act nor should it stop us from caring. Imagine the possibilities if people stopped waiting for other people to do it for them, stopped thinking what a shame and tried doing something about it.

This seven-year-old decided he could keep planet Earth nice, in his own way possible at that moment. It did not take a committee, a fundraiser, a celebrity, or months of organizing. It just took a choice. 


Share our message to help keep planet nice if you believe this too.


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