Volunteering: (It’s the time we give to recognise new frontiers)

As the week nears vibrantly into the weekend I find it noteworthy to mention one person in particular that has quite unknowingly I suspect filled me with great inspiration over the last month. An inspiration that has teetered at my very core, forcing me to believe in the parts of myself I once wasn’t sure I wanted to share with the world, just yet anyway. –My quiet creativity, expertise and love of the web arts and branding like a boss. However, with recent events in the Memphrémagog region, I feel it is time to make good on this challenge.

IMG_5872So, who could really inspire someone this way and be humble about it? For starters someone who understands what leadership is truly about, someone who has earned their bragging rights without bragging and someone who not only speaks with conviction but has the will and wisdom to make things happen. I’m talking about Madam Manon Couture. For those who are new to her activities, she’s the Directrice General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Magog-Orford and my boss a few days a week at least while I render my time with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Magog-Orford, in the hopes of better perfecting my linguistic skills in French and integrating into the business scene of the Memphrémagog and Orford regions, my new fortress.

The experience itself volunteering is humbling and as a woman in business who has managed numerous undertakings with companies all over the world, the presentation of a mutual collaboration with Madam Couture of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Magog-Orford -: a not-for-profit organisation proves rewarding as a collective effort of talent, minds and entrepreneurial opportunities are in constant flow.

The Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Magog-Orford facets a collage of advantages its members can entertain in facilitating new leads, technology and inter-community benefits found within the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Real-time tools business owners and executives can use for added success.

Being a part of this activity has definitely stimulated a vital chain of activity in my domain. Recently, I had the pleasure to plan in collaboration with the Directrice General, the Mayoress of Memphrémagog annual  Dinner, an event that has run most recently a successful night of networking, entrepreneurial exchange, town projections and great dining! The orchestration was beautiful and proved quite promising for the future of the region.


As a new member of the community myself having recently moved to this destination required rebuilding my formation and recalibrating my thoughts. Instead, I am now able to focus on the aspects of my life that should be given preference and for this reason, I have in this process launched a Marketing & Branding Formation that aims to help business owners and executives better identify with their product and their business philosophy by adaptable lifestyle simulations.

It’s been a continual pleasure getting to know the people of my new neighbourhood and I welcome readers to keep an eye out for some of my latest topics on: –

➵ Attitude for Success

➵ What’s better than money?

➵ When in doubt, Volunteer

You need a Plan, not just Thoughts

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